Below you will find an overview of the programs we offer here at Busy Bees. With three different classes to pick from we are confident we can find the best spot for your busy bee!



Our Honey Bees Class provides a perfect introduction to preschool. Our classroom is set up with several opportunities for your little one to gain new skills, socialize with peers, use their creative mind, sing, dance, play, pretend and more! Our schedule allows us to give the child free choice play, enjoy circle time with stories, nursery rhymes, sign language, wiggle time and learning activities. These fun games teach your child to engage, cooperate, take turns and gain pre-math and pre-reading skills. We focus on social skills and helping your child gain confidence in using words to express themselves. 

Your child must be 3 by September 1st to attend this class. Our Honey Bees class runs from 8:40-12:40 and there are two options: M/W/F class or TUES/THURS class. We provide a snack each day and ask that your child brings his/her own lunchbox. If your child has any allergies to foods we are happy to accommodate. 

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Our pre-kindergarten classes offer classrooms that are conducive to learning. Our day consists of various activities that challenge and stimulate the child's mind. We focus on building the child's self-confidence and fostering their social skills. Through games, songs, and activities your child will learn basic sign language, alphabet letters and sounds, pre-writing and pre-math skills, We offer activities that are specially designed to get your child ready for kindergarten. We strengthen your child's skills and give them guidance on how to carry out more challenging projects both independently and in teamwork environments. The result will give your child abstract thinking tools, improve their problem-solving skills and give them the confidence that they will master kindergarten for the next year.
Your child must be 4 by September 1st to attended this class. Both classes run Monday through Thursday. We offer two different classrooms the Bumble Bees class runs 8:30-12:30 and Sweet Bees runs 8:50-12:50.

   Interested in taking a tour? Please contact  us to arrange a time. We love to "show off" our preschool!