We found Busy Bee's online when we moved here. I immediately fell in love. The staff is wonderful and so well organized. We stayed here with our 2nd child even though there were closer preschools to our new house because we loved it so much! 
- Natalie Loris

This is our second year at Busy Bee Preschool. I was very happy to find a Preschool open during the pandemic. They have taken the pandemic seriously and have been able to provide a safe and fun learning environment for my daughter. We have absolutely loved it here!! All of the teachers do a great job and they have lots of fun projects. They work on sign language, lots of arts and crafts, singing, and playing outside rain or shine! My daughter loves it so much she wants to go to school every day of the week!! Classrooms are a small size, and they have several different class options between 3 and 4 days a week. I highly recommend Busy Bee Preschool!! We are sad this is our last year but excited to send our son in a couple years. -Alex Eliason

Busy Bees is an amazing preschool with teachers that love children. They involve parents with activities and programs throughout the year, offer summer camps, do tons of amazing crafts and care for our children. We love this school!! 
-Katie Christian

Busy bee preschool is such a wonderful place. My husband and I set out to look at 3 different preschools. From the moment we walked in and met teacher Tammy, we loved it so we didn’t bother to visit the other 2. My sometimes-very shy twins gained so much from this structured, but fun environment. My twins enjoyed creative play. Periodically a professional from the community would come talk to the classes about their jobs.(police officers, dentists,firefighters etc.)They learned all the important academics that would prepare them for kindergarten. More importantly, they learned about the world we live in and how we should treat others. There is a lot of dedication and effort to procure materials for making interesting and fun art or activities. There are also so many events that go on throughout the year including the art walk, Mother’s Day brunch, fathers day celebration, and the Halloween parade etc. In the 2 years we spent at Busy bee the twins matured emotionally and academically. The teachers have so much patience and encouragement for any child. You can hear the dedication in their voices when they talk to you, more importantly your children. I wish I had found it sooner for my older children. I highly recommend Busy bee preschool. -Barbara McConnell

This is our first year at Busy Bees & my son absolutely loves it! We love it! The teachers are amazing, caring, sweet & just overall the best! He wakes up Monday, Wednesday & Fridays so excited, because those are his school days. I'm so glad we picked Busy Bees. I recommend it for anyone with little kiddos.
-Alessa Ciciriello

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